While we do welcome pets to stay in our properties we ask that you let us know you intend on bringing your pet along. Under no circumstances are pets allowed if this has not been agreed with us in writing. At no time are pets to be left alone in the property. Due to the size of the properties we can only accept a maximum of one large/medium-sized dog OR two small-sized ones per property.

Please note that an additional charge of £40 per booking will be applied for pets. If we agree to your pet staying in one of our properties then you agree to hold full responsibility for your pet and agree to reimburse us for any additional cleaning costs (if any) incurred; e.g. toilet accidents with your pet.

A vacuum is provided to you to use during your stay and we politely ask that you make good use of it. At no time are pets to be left alone in the property and we kindly ask that you don’t allow your pet in the bedrooms.


£40 / Once / Per Accommodation